Reindeer Red

Reindeer Red



    Hand made in New Zealand:


    Lovingly made by a Mum in Levin, New Zealand from high quality quilters cotton. These double layered, washable, reusable masks are also reversible for your day-to-day fashion needs.

    Each mask comes with a removable carbon filter which provides a third layer of protection and has a rust proof aluminium nose strip sewn-in to provide a comfortable tight fit across the nose.

    The ear loops are also soft and adjustable, enabling the perfect fit for you.


    Wearing a well fitted mask is an important line of defense against the transmission of infected droplets and other airborne pathogens, however our masks are a consumer product and are not a medical device or certified piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

    All masks are intended to be used in tandem with other safety precautions like washing your hands and maintaining a safe distance from others.


    It's important to regularly wash your mask.

    - If you are using your mask with a filter, please remove the filter before washing

    - Mum recommends hand washing and air drying

    - Fret not, the nose bar is made of aluminium and will not rust


    More information can be found in our MASK CARE section.