Everything You Need to Know


A well fitted mask is essential if it's to do its job properly. 

Always apply your mask with clean hands, refrain from touching it once in place and switch to a fresh mask should it get damp.

A non-rust, aluminium strip has been stitched into place for you to create a sealed fit by gently smoothing over the bridge of your nose.

The adjustable ear loops create a snug, comfortable fit around the face with no gaps. 

Now you look cool.

When removing or reapplying the mask, try to do so by only touching the ear loops and not touching the mask itself with your hands.


It is recommended that masks are washed before first use if possible and between each use thereafter. 

The carbon filter should be removed before you wash your mask.

Hand washing followed by thorough air drying is preferable. 

Once your mask is dry you can replace the carbon filter.