Kia Ora! I'm the Mum behind the masks, my name is Penny.

When the pandemic hit, I wondered how I might be able to help out.

I have always enjoyed making different types of crafts, from spinning to knitting, preserves and baking to cake decorating and scrapbooks. I thought, "I can sew!"

So I have turned my hand to making masks. I did a lot of research and tried a lot of different patterns whilst taking all government advice on materials into consideration. My Mum always said "If it's something fiddly, it should be passed to me to do" and getting this just right was very fiddly.

I have adapted patterns into my own design which fits comfortably, without needing constant adjusting while wearing. My fitted masks are a bit bigger than average with longer sides and a bigger face area for greater comfort and a better fit.

Initially just for friends and family, I was encouraged to make them available to everybody. I really hope you like my masks, they fit you well and provide a stylish peace of mind that works for you.

I have two kids and three grandchildren, so you know I am a legit Mum. I love them all very much and thank them for their love and support in helping build this website and encouraging me to continue making things.

I really enjoy sewing and knitting clothes for babies and young children, so in the future you may see those items pop up on this site. If you have a request such as cardies, booties, hats etc, you can always email me HERE

Whatever happens, follow all government advice and keep you and your family safe.

Love, Mum.