Mum Made Masks

Mum Made masks differ from many available as Mum invested considerable time into testing and elaborating on patterns until she was happy with the expanded fit.

All fitted masks are reversible and have larger sides to prevent bunching and gapping. The masks have been sewn to create a greater face pocket at the front for comfort and not to feel so claustrophobic.

All masks are made from high quality quilters cotton and also come with an optional carbon filter. The ear straps and aluminium nose bar are adjustable for a perfect fit on most children 10+ (like my granddaughter) right up to full sized farmers like my partner.


Mum Made Masks are not a replacement for professional or medical personal protective equipment (PPE).

Mum Made masks are a consumer product.

Our masks conform to New Zealand government guidance for consumer masks and are designed to prevent the spread of airborne droplets in which viruses may be contained.

Their wear is designed to protect you, but mostly others. Do not remove the mask to talk to people, cough or sneeze as this defeats their purpose.

Masks are washable and reuseable, the aluminium nose bar will not rust.