A big "thank you!"

MumMade wouldn't be the site it is if it weren't for all these people!
Thank you all so much!

all our cute models (and their patient mums!)

It’s no easy thing to organise a group of young children and babies, getting them to change in and out of clothes, play with what we wanted them to play with and sit where we wanted them to sit. All the while keeping a big smile on their faces!

So here’s to you little ones (and your awesome parents)!

Thanks to Paul, Mina, Violet, Autin and Mia

Holly Spring for the wonderful photos

Holly Spring

Holly and I first met on the ohbaby forums as our babies were both born in the same month. Since starting MumMade, Holly has been there to help take all the photos of the products and models as well all the post-production, putting many hours to make the photos the best they possible can be.

Holly is an Auckland based photographer and an internationally known digital scrapbook artist who creates beautifully photographed and illustrated scenes with children and babies.

Make sure you visit her on Facebook and see what greats things she gets up to

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