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WARNING: NOT diet friendly

Wednesday, 8th July 2015

WARNING: NOT diet friendly


Super Easy Peasy Homemade Mint-Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

500ml cream
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
2t peppermint essesnce
10-15 drops green food colouring
1/2c chocolate chips (I used dark)

Whip cream until about as thick as thick greek yoghurt ( I did this in my Kitchen Aid).
Slowly incorporate the sweetened condensed milk until you get back to the same thick consistency.
Add the essence and food colouring and mix until well incorporated.
Gently fold the chocolate chips through, then transfer into an airtight container and freeze!

Variations of flavours we've already tried, tested and recommend:

Cookies and Cream - use vanilla extract and a packet of crumbled Oreos

Salted Caramel - use caramel flavoured condensed milk and salt to taste

Minion Madness!

Monday, 29th June 2015

minion madness!


WHEW! I need a holiday! It's been all GO-GO-GO here at Mum Made HQ!
We haven't yet managed to get to the new Minions Movie, but hope to in the upcoming school holidays - we have major minion-fans here <3

Congratulations to our latest competition winner Mel Hancock who has won one of our awesome new minion-inspired beanies! 

If you missed out this time, you can get yours now HERE 
Available from NB to adults sized for HIM or HER

Thanks to our newest supplier Just Stitches, who creates some amazing crochet goodies including a Star Blanket and Sesame Street-inspired baby rattles, just to name a few, and are available at

make sure to follow us on facebook and instagram to be in to win our next competition!


Not Crazy About Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday, 24th June 2015

not crazy about crazy hair day


I was so smug about how organised I had been about Crazy Hair Day at Boy 4's preschool today. I'd taken him to the $2 shop yesterday and let him go nuts, picking out the horns (labeled Girls Night Out accessory) and some glow-in-the-dark orange hairspray. He could barely go to sleep, he was so excited about the head of super duper orange he'd be sporting the next day.

6 am: "

I took him outside, wrapped him in an old shirt of mine to protect his clothes from the insane level of orange that would be coming out of that can. So I sprayed. Shook and sprayed, shook and sprayed. NOTHING. Nothing but plain old hairspray, not a speck of orange in sight. He is giving me the gleeful look I've ever seen, anticipating that he would be winning the Craziest Hair Award that day.

He scurries off to the mirror and I just wait for what's coming. 1...2...aaaaah, there it is, the wailing shriek whine that only he knows how to achieve. I'm going to save you from the 20+ minutes of tantrums and negotiations. He finally agreed to me using the green facepaint that's been sitting in the cupboard from last Halloween. He even agreed to let me take a photo, the photo I hoped would appease his utter devastation over the dysfunctional orange hairspray from the "you had ONE job" category.

He let me take the photo. Doesn't mean he had to be happy about it.

Here it is.


By Stacey Edgar - Realistic Kidface

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