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We're baaack!!!

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

MumMade is back up and running...let me fill in the gaps.

My name is Jenni, soon-to-be Mrs Fox, and I am currently a SAHM with my son Lyon who is 4 years old, and my daughter Mikayla (Mika) who is 4 months old TODAY. We also have our fur-babies Cairo - a very chatty bengal (and much prettier than he is smart...) and Bella - a maine coon, who is scared of her own shadow.

So, the first time I came across MumMade was when I was on maternity leave back in 2011. I absolutely fell in love with the concept of a one-stop-shop of mum-made products for sale, supporting New Zealand made goods AND Work at Home Parents, helping them to stay at home for longer with their kids! It's BRILLIANT! 
And then I discovered that the beauty and the brains behind this was none other than my dear friend Brenda, who was now married to another dear friend Craig - the creator of this uber user-friendly site.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, when I left work in October last year, in anticipation of the arrival of my baby girl, I was sorting through Lyon's old baby gear and suddenly had a flash-back to all the wonderful things available on MumMade...except to my disappointment, Brenda had become so busy with the success of Tiny Turtles and her three gorgeous little girls, that MumMade had taken a back seat! YAY for Bren, but boo about MumMade :(

So, we got to talking...and, I am :)
It's a new era of MumMadebut the mission is still the same. 
It really is all about choice, and though it's not always easy, I am thrilled to have the choice to stay at home with my kiddies. You have the choice to help other parents do the same. I, for one, am looking forward to all the latest, quality products NZ mums have got to offer - so if this sounds like you, drop me a line!

Much love,
x Jenni 

Morgan's 1st Birthday

Monday, 13th August 2012

“Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue… I can sing a rainbow… sing a rainbow too.”

*cough*... luckily you can't hear my actual singing voice over the internet. You lucky people...

We just celebrated our youngest daughter Morgan's first birthday this weekend gone. I decided to go with a Rainbow theme for Morgan’s birthday for two reasons - first I got very inspired by a Rainbow ABC Cube cake on Pinterest and second, I wanted an excuse to buy brightly coloured Bunting flags that we could re-use in the kids rooms when our new house has been built.

So Lovebaby custom made me a beautiful set of Bunting flags with all the Primary and Secondary colours of the Rainbow and they all have little stars on the fabric too - just perfect. Tutu Petite custom made me the brightest and boldest Tutu Dress yet with a matching Tulle hair accessory for Morgan’s little fringe.

I was quite scared about using Gel Colours for the first time but had the ideal occasion to try them out the Friday before the party - Mia’s Kindy Disco! I made bright Red (but was more hot pink), Purple and Green cupcakes for the event. I won’t say they were perfect but the kids ate them all at least!

After making the 4 different coloured layers for the cake. I got to work icing and stacking the cake up. I watched a YouTube video on how to cover a square cake with fondant and then had a go. I was surprised how easy it actually was! I then coloured 5 small batches of icing and piped the 5 sides of the fondant. 

Luckily Morgan has 4 initals (M.E.S.B) so we used one on each side of the cake and put a 1 on top. I finished about 12.30 Sunday am! Meanwhile my dear hubby had been making Jelly ‘traffic light’ cups, choc dipped marshmallows and carrot and celery sticks. I had also made some Rainbow Lamingtons (dipped in Jelly for the colour) earlier. 

Sunday morning I threw the ingredients for an Italian Sun-dried Tomato, Red Onion and Cheese loaf in the breadmaker, timed to be ready and smelling divine by the time guests arrived. Fairy sandwich stars were made, and a fruit platter. 

Nearly 100 balloons were inflated and we tied some on to ‘balloon trees’ which were ingeniously made by a friend for one of her kid's parties. Streamers were hung and the table was set. 

Morgan looked stunning in her birthday Tutu Dress. It was just the right length for her - she’s been walking since 9 months old but she’s a shorty! She gave everyone big smiles and cute cuddles. Mia started off the party in her colourful caterpillar suit then changed to a party dress complete with angel wings.

Morgan was a bit overtired by the time we cut the cake so missed out on opening 1 or 2 of her gifts herself from guests who had to leave early but woke again in time to open the rest (she actually just watched as a 'helpful' older playmate opened them for her before all the kids jumped in to play with the opened presents!).

We all had great afternoon.

I thought I'd share as Pinterest truly inspired me and having the amazing MumMade designers available to custom make items to my theme made it all a reality.

MumMade Midwinter Motherload winner is...

Wednesday, 1st August 2012

And the winner is....

Wow! What a competition! There was a great response with some tough competition up at the top but we managed to pull a winner from the masses!

Winner: Jenner Ballinger-Judd


  • one year Membership with Parents Centre nationwide incl one year subscription to Kiwiparent magazine
  • one year subscription to OhBaby magazine- one year subscription to The Natural Parent magazine
  • voucher for 50% off your total invoice from Mum Made

We were also lucky last minute to receive a runner up prize courtesy of OhBaby magazine. So without further ado...

Runner up: Kathleen Tanner


  • one year subscription to OhBaby magazine

Thank you for your participation. We have had a wonderful response with our facebook fans increasing and with getting into the swing of using Pinterest.

See you at Mary’s Market

Saturday 25th August - Freemans Bay, Auckland.

Mary's Market is a specialist baby market and has loads of bargains and special offers on the day. This is a small but busy market and is completely inside so come along regardless of the weather.

Market hours are 9-1pm, but it's always best to get in early :)

It's Morgan’s First Birthday Soon!

My little girl is growing up! Morgan has been walking since 9 months old, so very different from her older sister Mia. She is also a Mummy's girl - loves to give me kisses and cuddles.

We will keep you informed with photos and a blog about her big day. We have a very bright and bold set of Rainbow Bunting flags made up by the talented LoveBaby and am eagerly awaiting her Rainbow Tutu dress from Tutu Petite.

Custom Orders - yes we can!

Most of our gorgeous products can be custom made to order. Please just send me an email with your request - easy as that!

Recently we have custom made a Bright Yellow Ducky tutu, a full wrap-around cot bumper for a Stokke oval cot in stunning white waffle, a pair of Petite Kiwi softies for newborn Twins and 2 sets of Pink/Green Bunting Flags for a special birthday party.

See you next time!

I hope you all enjoyed the competition and sharing MumMade with your friends and family! Even though the competition has ended, it doesn't mean you have to stop sharing! Feel free to share our Facebook posts and retweet anything on Twitter if you think  you know someone who might find it interesting.

Until next time...

Brenda, Mia & Morgan x

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